PeerSec Networks
PeerSec Networks MatrixSSL Embedded SSL/TLS
PeerSec Networks MatrixSSL™ is an embedded SSL/TLS library under 50KB, designed for small footprint applications and devices. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and the next generation Transport Layer Security (TLS) are the most widely deployed protocols for creating secure connections between applications on a network. SSL is used to secure proprietary applications as well as common Internet protocols such as HTTP, SIP, H.323 and EAP-TLS.

Works on any platform

Included C source code is portable to ANY platform to add network security. PeerSec Core Technology enables full protocol support without filesystem, memory allocation or multi-thread support.

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Fully Compatible

With larger implementations and the SSL RFC. All web browsers and servers can communicate securely with MatrixSSL.

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Fully Configurable

Compile in features from 35KB baseline with client or server and a single cipher to full specification support at under 100KB.

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