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Latest Release

MatrixSSL 3.8.3

  • FIPS Certified
  • PKCS#11 Hardware Interface
  • Optimized AES-GCM and ECC ciphers
  • TLS 1.2, SNI, Session-Ticket, PKCS#12 and PKCS#8
  • Full SSL handshake requires < 10KB of RAM
  • Still < 50KB code space!


TI and PeerSec networks team to develop secure embedded webserver for "bare metal" (no operating system) ARM Cortex-M3 hardware.

Avocent chooses PeerSec Networks to provide security protocols integrated with hardware cryptography.

PeerSec Networks secures financial transactions from devices in the field for PayPoint payment solutions.

Customers such as D-Link have found our average customer integration time to be approximately 1 week - MatrixSSL commercial APIs are a drop in replacement for the Open Source evaluation.

Heartland secures transactions from vending machines and other self-service kiosks with MatrixSSL.

m3me, inc. secures communication between iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC using a common MatrixSSL interface.

MatrixSSL provides many avenues to defeating BEAST attack. Support for TLS 1.1 is included, preventing the attack. For older versions of SSL, records are split into two before encoding, providing effective prevention of the attack.

Open source project uses MatrixSSL under the GPL license to provide STARTTLS encryption with SMTP mail servers. Nearly all public SMTP servers use STARTTLS to aid in authentication and email spam reduction.

The increasing availability of public Internet access, fast cellular data and WiFi zones offer consumers enhanced capabilities at a fraction of the deployment cost of traditional connectivity. These new device deployments equate to millions of new machines on the Internet - most without a security solution. PeerSec Networks enables networked devices to communicate and authenticate using the same security standards used in the enterprise today. Our security solutions including MatrixSSL are currently deployed in PIN terminals, VoIP and cellular phones, WiFi devices, wireless printers, networking equipment, and trusted computing platforms.

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